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Administrative Assistant to the Pastors


Praise Fellowship: it’s more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle!

At Praise Fellowship, we’ve devoted ourselves to the same mission for over two decades: loving God and loving people. That’s why we don’t just hire employees, we empower leaders—leaders who are ready to do almost anything to reach people who don’t know Christ. We’re real-life people who always bring their best, because our mission is too important to settle for anything less!

Praise Fellowship is currently seeking a part-time Administrative Assistant to the Pastors. This person should possess growing leadership skills, be able to focus on the details while understanding the larger vision, and be fully bought in to the mission of Praise Fellowship.

If you are passionate about the ministry of Praise Fellowship and feel your gifts, skills, and talents would be well-suited for this position, keep reading.


The role of the Administrative Assistant:

• To assist the pastors in needs within the church office.
• This position does involve office details, but its emphasis is on people.
• Reports to: Pastor Rick (Lead Pastor) and Keith Barreto (Associate Pastor)


Daily/regular tasks:

• Manage mail
• Answer the phones
• Manage church database
• Manage Connection Cards
• Serve as the Purchasing Agent as needed (including managing office supplies)
• Handle necessary vendors
• Deposit offerings in bank
• Manage the church calendar


Ambiguous, irregular tasks:

• Assist the pastors as needed
• Serve on the “dispatch” team for coordinating volunteers
• Administrate the overseeing of special events.